Video Storytelling Project

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For this project my partner Jamie and I wanted to look into the UW Crush Scandal that had been going around campus. So the first thing I did was email our ASUW President, Brett Kahler. Brett and I set up a time to meet and conduct an interview that I could use for this project. After interviewing Brett, Jamie and I ran into a student in the Union and we felt it would be beneficial to get her perspective as well. We asked her a few questions about how she felt about the UW Crush Scandal.

After doing this project I really enjoyed interviewing both Brett and Dyann. Both of these people were great sports about voicing their opinions. Some people we had asked did not want to get involved in the matter. I personally also like editing the video. I enjoyed making the youtube video and would love to continue posting and editting videos. On the other hand, there were some things I did not like. For instance, when Jamie and I first started asking people questions about the controversy some people let their opinions of the matter take over without being very objective. We found that they did not want to answer our question, but just wanted their opinions to be heard.

Over the course of this project, I learned that I do enjoy covering news worthy stories. I like that our youtube video was posted on Buzzfeed. Knowing that my video could help someone learn more information about the UW Crush Scandal is a great feeling. The thing that surprised me most was that my video was put on a big website, such as Buzzfeed and people have, for the most part, liked my video. I wish I could have interviewed more people on the matter. I would have loved to have interviewed Meg Lanker -Simons on her thoughts about what she had done, as well as others involved in the scandal.

I could see myself really using video in the future. I am interested in sports broadcasting; with the help of video editing I could possibly start my way up from the bottom with this skill.

By nfinnesa