Social Media Project

For the Social Media Project I live tweeted the University of Wyoming Swimming and Diving Banquet on Friday, the 26th. At the end of the season the Swimming and Diving Team has a Banquet up in the Wildcatter of the Football Stadium. The team dresses up for an end of the year celebration where awards are given out. As a team they reflect on the past year’s accomplishments.

I enjoyed tweeting about this event, especially when the seniors were doing their farewell speeches to the team. I took a few quotes that I tweeted from some of the speeches. The speeches were very moving and inspirational to listen to and I was honored to get the chance to hear them. Also during my live tweeting, I had an alumni swimmer tweet me to get more information about the banquet. I thought that was very neat because someone was actually interested in reading what I was tweeting. On the other hand, I did not enjoy the meal that was provided. Each plate was a $22 meal and the meal was not impressive. I also did not like the length of the banquet. It started at 6 p.m. and lasted until about 10p.m. At the end of the night, one of the parents made a slideshow of pictures to showcase the team’s past year. The slideshow lasted for 45min which was a bit excessive.

I learned that tweeting a live event is not easy. It was hard for me to listen to someone talking and get word for word what they were saying for a quote on twitter. However, I was surprised with how easy and fast it was to come up with ten tweets. I wish I could have picked a better event. I tried to be as objective as I could, seeing that I am a member of the Swimming and Diving team, but would have liked to choose a different event because of this.

I could personally see myself using social media in my future in many ways. I was a member of twitter before this class. I believe twitter is a great way to get information out fast and without having to read so much.

By nfinnesa

Soundslide Project

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The purpose of this Soundslide Project, was to connect an audio story with pictures of a certain event. My partner Jamie and I choose to do a story on the Easter Egg Hunt put on for the Kids Club here at the University. The Thursday before Easter, Jamie and I went to the Easter Egg Hunt in the Field House on campus. Once we got to the event Jamie started to get interviews with some of the parents, children and Jackie Robins who ran the event.

I on the other hand got to experience a whole different side of the Easter Egg Hunt then Jamie did. I took my camera and went out onto the football field with the children. As soon as the doors opened to go outside some of the kids took off running, so I ran with them. While taking pictures of this event I felt like for a while I was actually hunter for eggs myself, rather than just being there to take pictures. I found that the kids where very easy to take pictures of while they where busy hunting for eggs. They did not stop and look at the camera and pose for any pictures, however the athletes on the other hand liked to be ready for the pictures. As a photographer for this event I did run into some problems with this event. The lighting was awful for most of the event. The event started a 7 p.m., which meant that it was starting to become dark outside. This therefore caused bad lighting in the pictures.

On the other side of this project was putting both audio and photographs together into Soundslide. This was a whole new different experience, I found this process hard and tedious. Trying to get the audio to match the photos at the right time to get the full effect of the event, was a challenging process. I would often times fix a photo to the audio perfect, but then all of the rest of the photos would have to change to match its audio part. Jamie and I did work together on the Soundslide project, which was very nice to have both of us working together to help one another.

If I could change anything in our project it would be, the lighting during the Easter Egg Hunt and a broader variety of photos. I used the action mode on my friends camera, which took 40 pictures within about 2 seconds. I took a lot of photos but often found that in 80 pictures there was only two different pictures I could use in our project. Overall I did enjoy this project very much. I got to meet Jamie, who I had never talked to before in this class and we had a great time putting this project together.

By nfinnesa