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For this weeks assignment we were asked to edit our interviews from the past week. This experience was anything but easy. I had taken a class with Dr. Brown last semester about using the Audacity program, but I sure forgot all of what he had taught us in that class. The first problem I ran into was converting my file from an MP3 to a Wave file. I went online and looked up how to convert the files, which did help. The second problem I ran into was that every time I would hit undo in Audacity my Wave file grew bigger. Meaning my max volume was at the top and I did not know how to change it.

This experience taught me that editing is not as easy as you think it is. Also, editing takes a long time to complete. You cannot just sit down in one sitting and expect to finish editing. The process takes more than one sitting and requires a lot of time and energy. However, I did enjoy getting to listen to my story in a new way. Having Mandy explain her story without my voice in the audio asking her questions all the time, made the interview more personal. The flow of the story is better captivated this way and I did enjoy that.

I was surprised in how after taking the questions out of the stories how easy it was for me to make it sensible and flow together. That part did surprise me very much. I do wish I would have added in some ambient noise in the background, such as a school bell or something of that sort into the story. Also, in some parts I would like the transition of her answers to be more smooth, not so choppy and rushed into one another.

By nfinnesa

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