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Amanda Schumacher's profile picture from the 2011-2012 Wyoming Swimming and Diving Team

Amanda Schumacher’s profile picture from the 2011-2012 Wyoming Swimming and Diving Team

For this assignment we were asked to record an interview with a friend or fellow classmate. Since I am constantly busy I chose to interview my friend Amanda Schumacher. With using a digital recorder I found this processes way more difficult than it should have been. The first time Amanda and I tried to start the interview we found we could not stop laughing at each other when we were talking. Also another distraction that happened while trying to record the interview was there were two other people in the house at the time the interview was being conducted. With other people at the house you can sometimes hear them talking or moving around in the background of the audio.

In this process I learned that using a digital recorder is really nerve-racking. I did not want to mess up what I was saying or rush how fast I was talking. I did enjoy getting to know more about Amanda and what she does at the school she works at. However, I did not enjoy actually knowing the person. Since I knew Amanda I just found it hard to focus and take this assignment seriously. Which for me I want to take this seriously. In the future I want to interview someone I do not know so I will be able to conduct the interview with a more professional persona.

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