Begging Audio Recording And Editing

For this assignment we where asked to gather some “Ambient Noise,” these are some of the noises I would like to share with you.

1. Plastic Bag- for this sound I was in my kitchen and I found a bag of Vanilla Wafers. I began to crumble it up in my hand for 10 seconds while I recorded the sound.   I could use this sound in the background of a story that has to dell with some sort of trash. 

2.Running Water- the second sound I recored was also in my kitchen. I turned on the water in the sink and listened as it bounced of the dirty pots and pans laying in the sink. I could use this sound in many different things, I would personally use it in a story about swimming so you could hear the water in the background. Make you feel like you are at a pool or by water.

3.Scraping Pan- the next ambient noise I recorded was me scraping a spatula over a pan for 10 seconds. This could be used in a story about home cooking.

4.Typing- in one of my classes I recorded myself typing on a keyboard. You could use typing for a story about a business job or something of that matter.

5.Tapping- also in the kitchen I took a spatula and a pan and tapped on it to make an interesting noise. This sound could be used for a news story involved with construction work. The tapping noise to me sounds like a hammer, which you could use in a construction story.

6.Outside- the last thing I recorded was outside of the Agriculture building. I was walking to class and I kept hearing a man shoveling snow, and also the snowplow in the background. I would find this sound very useful in a story about snow fall or the clean up snow.

By nfinnesa

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