Potential Recruiting Problems

UW Football Coach Dave Christensen probably wasn’t thinking about how his actions would impact recruits during the Wyoming vs. Air Force game.

Some of you might have heard about the big controversial Wyoming vs. Air Force game, on Military Appreciation night, when



Coach Dave Christensen approached the Air Force Head Coach and started shouting obscenities and cursing. This controversial game sparked news stories across the country. But the real question here is; does this video and outburst from Coach Christensen hurt potential recruiting for the University of Wyoming (Click to view video)?

“The better person says ‘we will beat you next year’,” says Conner Rains, a current football player for the Cowboys. “If you preach something you need to stand by it.”

“Ethics is a big part of what Christensen teaches us. Hearing him say what he said to, of all teams, the Air Force, was just not the right move,” says Rains.

After this video was leaked out to the media, Christensen had to pay a punishable fine of $50,000. He was also suspended for a week of practices and one home game. (The game Christensen was suspended for was Wyoming’s worst game of the year, losing to Boise State 45 – 14.) However, the damage that was caused after the video was released could not change the effect it had on other people.

“I don’t think it affected us that bad,” said Rains. But now recruits always ask me, “What happened during that game and what am I getting myself into?” After this incident one can’t help but wonder, did this game affect Wyoming’s recruiting status for the following years to come?

In response Miller says, “We average about 25 new recruits each year, this year we have recruited 21 new prospective athletes, for the upcoming 2013 season.” As a result of the games’ controversy Wyoming managed to still recruit several star athletes for this upcoming season.

Recruiting All Over

This past 2012 season, for the University of Wyoming Cowboys football team, started out with three consecutive losses. With these three losses you can’t help but wonder what is going wrong? After a season low of only four wins, many fans are wondering what is in the cards for next year?

Recruiting can be a hard task for any school, but Wyoming has managed to strategize a new efficient way to approach this upcoming season in recruiting.

“We recruited from 10 states this last year,” said Chris Miller, director of media for the Wyoming Cowboys. Most of the kids we recruit come from “Colorado and Texas”. With this new approach, Wyoming is no longer just looking at recruits from surrounding states. Instead, the coaches are expanding their search for bigger and better athletes all across the country and world.

“The coaches are broken up into states or sections of the country,” said Miller. Breaking up coaches into different sections allows the

Casper Star-Tribune

Casper Star-Tribune

coaches to avoid overlapping on recruits. This is also a more efficient way to manage time. For the coaches and staff, there is absolutely no time to waste. Having coaches recruiting in the same states runs the risk of overlapping coaches time with one athlete, when they could be spending time with other prospective athletes. By breaking coaches up in to different sections, this problem is avoided.

Hosting Recruits

Each year schools across the world bring in recruits to try and attract prospective athletes to come to their school. Here at Wyoming, our football team does a great job of making these prospective athletes feel welcomed.

“We treat our recruits top of the line,” says Miller. When prospective athletes come on visits they don’t stay in the dorms with other athletes. Instead, these athletes are treated to a stay at the highly regarded Hilton Garden Inn. During the winter time prospective athletes get to ride on snowmobiles during the day, and at night each meal they have is paid for by the school.

When taking recruit trips the prospective athletes want to feel welcomed and a part of the team. The recruits want to get along with the team and feel like they would fit in with everyone.

Looking Ahead 

With the new efficient way to expand recruiting across the world, we can expand our perimeters to evaluate more athletes. By continuing to recruit in sections the coaches eliminate the risk of wasting time and expand their list of more athletes.

There may have been much to say after the Air Force game in 2012, however, as far as recruiting goes “there was no dramatic difference in recruiting after the Air Force game,” says Miller.

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