News Diet, What News Diet?!

To be completely honest I have a dreadful news diet. I do not spend much time reading or watching news programs. I understand the importance of keeping up with current events, but that’s what Twitter is for, right?

With that being said, I get a majority of my news from social media sources such as Twitter and Facebook. I spend an abundant amount of my time following the ESPN app on Twitter. When it comes to news on sports I am very current. I understand that social media is not a reliable source; however, it does keep me updated with what I am interested in. It is not reliable because it is solely based on people’s opinions and their perceptions of current events. As I am writing this article I am starting to realize that the way I get my news is ridiculous! Using social media is not an ideal way to be informed.

I use these news sources because they are extremely convenient. When I am traveling often with swimming I am not always home to watch news programs, so I have to improvise. Having a smart phone makes social media easily accessible.

Even though I have determined that social media can be unreliable, I do feel it has its benefits. For example, when using Facebook or Twitter I often times run into posts that provoke me to investigate further for information on my own. Another benefit of social media is that it allows me to voice my own opinions while seeing the thoughts of others on a specific news topic.

In conclusion, it’s no secret that my news diet needs work! After writing this blog it has really opened my eyes that I need to broaden my media sources. Seeing that I do not always have access to news programs on TV, I have decided that I need to start reading the Boomerang. By reading the Boomerang I will stay up to date on local news; however, in order to stay world current I am going to add some new apps on my phone. The following apps are some that I am interested in: CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times.

By nfinnesa

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